Franklin County Hydroseeder Program

In 2013, the NRPC received a grant from the Vermont Ecosystem Restoration Program to create a regional hydroseeder program for Franklin County municipalities. The program promotes and accelerates the use of vegetation stabilization for roadside ditches and steep side slopes by through the use of a hydroseeder shared by at least five communities.

Establishing vegetation in roadside ditches has clear water quality benefits including:

  1. Improving water quality by filtering runoff.
  2. Mitigating excessive sediment loss from ditch by holding nutrient-rich soils within the ditch.
  3. Making the ditches more resilient during flood events.

Each participating municipality contributes $500 to the hydroseeder fund in the first year to buy into the program and $50 each year after.  This will cover unit maintenance, trailer registration, the first year of hydroseeding materials and other operational costs. The NRPC is responsible for managing the hydroseeder program including coordinating the participating municipalities, managing the hydroseeder operations account, scheduling maintenance and establishing the online hydroseeder sign-out calendar.  The unit will be stored at one of the town’s garage and each town will get the hydroseeder for a minimum of 10 days (not necessarily consecutive) during prime ditching season (June-September).

Current Participating Towns: Fairfield, Georgia, Montgomery, Saint Albans Town and Swanton.

Signed MOU: Coming Soon!

Sign-Out Calendar: Click Here