Energy Planning

Municipal Enhanced Energy Planning –
Best Practices and Resources

This is document is from the Year 1 Act 174 Technical Assistance contract with the Department of Public Service. The document is designed to outline best practices for municipal enhanced energy planning. The document will be updated in future years by the RPCs to account for further RPC and municipal experience. To view click here.


Northwest Regional Energy Plan
The Northwest Regional Energy Plan was adopted on June 28, 2017.

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Complete and Sections of the Draft Energy Plan
Complete Energy Plan: Energy Plan.pdf
Energy Plan - Section I: Section I - Executive Summary.pdf
Energy Plan - Section II: Section II - Introduction.pdf
Energy Plan - Section III: Section III - Regional Energy Supply & Consumption.pdf
Energy Plan - Section IV: Section IV - Targets for Energy Conservation, Energy Use & Electricity Generation.pdf
Energy Plan - Section V: Section V - Strategies to Achieve Regional Targets.pdf
Energy Plan - Section VI: Section VI - Feasibility, Challenges & Conclusions.pdf
Energy Plan - Appendix A: Appendix A -Summary Results and Methodology.pdf
Energy Plan - Appendix B: Appendix B - Energy Resource Mapping.pdf
Energy Plan - Appendix C: Appendix C -Regional Generation Maps.pdf
Energy Plan - Appendix D: Appendix D - Summary of Planning Approach & Process.pdf
Energy Plan - Appendix E: Appendix E - List of Acronyms.pdf
Energy Plan - Appendix F: Appendix F - Regional Existing Generation.pdf
Energy Plan - Appendix G: Appendix G - Municipal Energy Data.pdf
Energy Plan - Appendix H: Appendix H - Regional Energy Data.pdf

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